About 432.fm | Online Radio

We are an independent international online radio station and our mission is to bring positive and harmonic vibes to and amongst our listeners. 432.fm, based in Amsterdam, is all about electronic music in the genres techno, tech-house, minimal, deep and progressive house.

Our hand selected music spins 24 hours a day, in the form of radio shows, live broadcasts from clubs and festivals and a track shuffle system.
Next to our live stream, the 432.fm podcast archive offers you to stream all radio shows whenever you want.

432 Hertz: Sound and music, as well as people, plants and every organism in the universe vibrate in frequencies. The 432 Hz scale (Tone A=432Hz) is recognized as the fundamental frequency scale all around nature.
The 432.fm logo represents the natural movement of water vibrations and the shape and colors originated from the Crown Chakra. Following this sequence, the universe is based on harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432...

432 Hz has a stimulating effect on the crown Chakra, which balances the inner and outer person, and functions as a connection to the higher self. Located on the crown of the head, this Chakra is the channel through which one receives divine guidance, purpose and wisdom.

The Chinese, Hindus, Egyptians, Greeks - and before them - the Mayans and Tibetans, all recognized the healing powers of music, with 432hz being the most powerful of all vibrations.

Live Broadcasts

  1. Tom Ruijg WKND live
    WKND live from Studio 80

    This week on our Studio 80 live broadcast: Eric de Man & Ille Bitch. Starting from 23:30h on 432.fm!

  2. BackxBack banner
    BACKxBACK live from Studio 80

    “Where talent meets inspiration” BACKxBACK provides the perfect platform for a musical dialog between talents and those that inspired them. Upcoming dj/producers are matched with their personal heroes for two unique back-to-back sets: one in a club and one on a festival. The back-to-back format demands a certain degree of conformism from both sides, enticing...